I have 3147 videos on youtube and seldom watch them. If they aren't on the first page or two. But that is going to change.
Right now I'm going through all my youtube videos. Putting the URL along with the description into a plain text file.

My app can randomly select a URL that I paste into my Browser. Once that is done. I'll randomly watch a video or 2 per day. I miss seeing some of my vids.

This catalog will take me a couple more weeks to complete.

It sure would be handy if YouTube could provide me with a list of all URL's

Here is an example of the first few videos cataloged in a text file:
photo Osoyoos Megaliths - The most awesome in the Okanagan 58 seconds

photo retardant bomber Electra 12Jun2013 46 seconds

photo Wine Country Races 05May2013 #01 11 seconds

photo Wine Country Races 05May2013 #02 13 seconds

Once I have them all done I'll update the descriptions on YouTube and my text file with more details.
I'm open to suggestions. And if you have some that you would like to catalog in this form. I'd add them to my random videos list.

Watching your videos randomly is way more interesting...

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You mean you created over 3,000 youtube videos???

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You mean you created over 3,000 youtube videos???

Yup probably over 500 hours to upload them.
Most are very short - 20 seconds or so. The drag race stuff and golf swings are the shortest. Lots of European Hooded Crow (the first in North America) Dinosaur skin find. My recent political run and a few demos how to archive and randomly play videos. And of course the oft captured faster than sight entities. So a pretty broad spectrum. 400 trapline videos for those who are into that.

The attached VIDEO....

33 second video from my recent political campaign (I came in last)
Farmers and orchardists wanted to know what we would do / suggest. I said plant more soft fruits and prunes. The average age here is over 62 (geezerville) It broke up the other candidates. The crowd of 100+ couldn't stop laughing..

You should write a program for that, for acessing your youtube and pulling url + the name of the video and writting it to the text file in your required format. You would spend less time making it than copying videos manually.

I admit some YouTube videos are fun, but cataloging them seems to be a royal waste of time. I always thought that they were not kept around for long.

I go with @vegaseat!!

Cataloging them may not be helpful for you [ unless you are serious about it]