I am a web developer as the client said me I developed in the same way after getting the site developed the client is saying that we are not satisfied by the work you did and even they have changed the FTP password also and now I am not understanding what to do.....please help me out I reall yworked hard for this

i am thinking to block this data but don't know how to do it

Waiting for any of the friends to reply please help me i was waiting for this money to make by brother operation

Thank you

I suggest you talk to a lawyer. If you don't have access to his website anymore, blocking is impossible. If you have a contract, a lawyer is your best option.

I don't know about what to do this time, but next time the way I would do and show him the website is either through your computer, or on a subdomain for your website. That way he can tell you what to adjust and can test it out. Then once they are satisfied then ask them to pay you and then send over the code for the website and/or upload it for them.

That's just not right. Its amazing that someone that runs a company would do that do you in this era with all of the social media that's available. Getting a bad review or negative reputation online is not good for business. Not sure where you live, but you may have the ability to file a complaint with some type of business bureau or office.

another thing to consider, did you develop the web site as an employee of that organization? If so, you probably dont have rights to it anyway. If you developed it and the agreement was to be paid after you have completed the work then you should investigate all of your options to get paid legally.

This is where its important to get actual legal advice.

also, check your contract. also the fine prints. if it says that the customer has the right to do so, you don't really have much to go on.
do check online whether the customer is going to use your site. if he does, it's clearly he broke the contract under false pretenses, and then you surely have a case.
hope you have a backup of the code, though.
EDIT: a good way to avoid this in the future, is keeping closer contact with the client. show them updates, let them give their feedback.
just be sure, what a client originally orders, is usually far from what they actually want. what you think they ordered, is even something different.
keep the client in the loop as tester, or just to check and verify that what you are doing is what they want it to be, and make good understandings about how (and if) to handle change requests.

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There are 2 methods: Get a lawyer and pursue this case from there... this method is a little more expensive (unless you have a cousin that is a lawyer).

or method 2 is to approach them with a bat... your call :)

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you really want him to end up arrested and in prison for assault and maybe attempted manslaughter?

You might go over there and take him swimming with concrete shoes :)

you really want him to end up arrested and in prison for assault and maybe attempted manslaughter?

nah, i was going to make sure he asked nicely, but looked more intimidating (with a bat) :)

you can get arrested for that, you know...

you can get arrested for that, you know...

At least he got his point through to him...