what are your views for :

1.Google India
2.Google US

can we have pros and cons as compared to other good companies providing software developer profile ? thanks :-) any help will be appreciated.

Google in Mountain View, CA is an amazing place to work as a software developer. But didn't we already establish in another thread here that you should start off at a smaller place, build up experience, and then move on?

Samsung might be a good spot.

yes, Dani you are correct. I got offer from Samsung , India. But My brother has got offer from google, India last month. and now, he is in confusion that should he drop this offer or should he go abroad for higher studies ? that is the main point for which i am asking. I am not experienced yet, i just got offer till now and I will join from June,2014.

@vegaseat is samsung a good place to work ? am i at right place for the time being ? I am asking you because people here are really experienced. So, your suggestions will be very helpful to me. thanks in advance to both of you.

he can still do both. having worked for Google 'll look very good on his resume later on, unless he gets fired after a few days, naturally.

it's also possible to first work a few years and then continue studies. not as easy maybe, but still possible.

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Google is always a great place for a software developer but Google isn't the only place in becomming a great software developer. There are many big companies out there that pay higher but lets be honest here, everyone knows google... even the people in China who use Baidu know Google very well.

Anyways... Working for Google will be great, espicially if you have finished your studies.

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and what about samsung R & D ?

you're still trying to get that job at a high profile company, despite being turned down time and time again, and people telling you to start looking for some lower hanging fruit?

You're just going to get more rejections that way. There's a reason Amazon and others turned you down, and Google's going to turn you down for the same reason.

@jwenting I didn't get u properly. Can you clearfiy it again ? thanks for your response.

what he meant to say was that earlier, you have posted that you have recieved 2-3 high profile company rejections. He is assuming that if you "try out" for Google (or any high profile company, like those in the link i provided), your going to face another rejection. So he recommends you try going with a low profile company, maybe one in your local area?

Do you think Samsung is a low profile company ? really ? Are you sure ?

No... Samsung is not a low profile company, i don't think he was referring to Samsung though...

@iamthwee, why are you pointing out what a pathological liar is?

Let's keep it pleasant, on all sides please...

Let's keep it pleasant, on all sides please...

Yep, but at least they weren't threatening each other...

nitin, mate, aim lower and work up. Getting into Google is a HUGE target... lets focus on getting you a big portfolio and small job first ;)

yeah bro i know that. I am just asking that. I know that Google is a very very very big target , atleast for me at this stage. Thanks for your response. :)

I read somewhere that Google gets 15 thousand job applications a week. So good luck!

I read somewhere that Google gets 15 thousand job applications a week. So good luck!

I thought that was Yahoo!?

I thought that was Yahoo!?

no, it's 15.000 yahoos applying to work at Google.