Did you know that a few weeks ago, Google Plus became the second most popular Social Media platform, AND it is owned by Google? These are both very good reasons why you cannot afford to ignore the Google Plus network. If Google loves something (and it loves Google Plus) we have to love it too. That is today's reality, like it or not.

Google Plus gives bloggers more than Facebook - it allows you to claim all your online Content wherever it is published online, link it up and brand it all with your name as Author and an identifying photo. Google Plus also allows you to add your photo to all your SERP listings, which has been proven to increase click rates and therefore your traffic from Google searches.

At Google Plus you can add people into an unlimited number of different 'circles'. This means there is more flexibilty than the very basic Facebook Likes and Friends. You can have different circles for all the different areas of your online life. My experience is that it is much easier to 'drive' than Facebook, and has a lot more flexibility. I definitely like Google Plus whereas I have never liked Facebook where I often feel like I am being stalked by people I don't even know.

Setting up your Google Plus account is easy. But linking everything all together with all the steps required to Verify Email Addresses, Verify photos, add the rel="me", rel="author" and rel="publisher" can be tricky to get right.

I have written 5 articles that explain in detail, all the steps you need to get right, if you want to make it all sync up successfully. Here is a link to the first article in the series:

Google Authorship Explained: Why You Need It To Increase Traffic

If you haven't yet set up your Google Plus Profile and Business Pages, claimed and Branded your online Content, and got your photo appearing in Google Searches, you need to do it before you find that you have been left behind, wondering where all your traffic went.

Just do it, and do it today. And if you are really nice to me, I might consider adding your to my elite Google Plus Circle of 'Bloggers That I Trust'!

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Google Plus became the second most popular Social Media platform, AND it is owned by Google?

I want no part of any Social Media but I have Google Plus because it's part of Youtube and I have no options of getting rid of it. So I am stuck with one Social Media which is Google Plus.

No doubt Goodle plus is est platform to promote any online business with the help of social media sites. Google plus has gained popularity with no time and I love your saying that if Google loves the Google plus than we also have to love with Google plus,it is not only the reason for loving to Google plus, Google has add so many fetures to the Google plus, which makes Google plus more popular and unique among other social media sites.

Yes I agree, the extra addons and features makes Google Plus much easier to drive and use than Facebook. Also if you set up Gooele Authorship through a Google Plus account, you get your photo appearing next to your SERP results. Having a photo next to your Search Link at Google Search get more clicks than non-photo listings. That is reason enough for me to set up Google Authorship.

Google plus is best site which create the circle and add the many friends.

Yes, right. Google plus is a great tool to increase Organic and Direct traffic bot because Google lists you status updates which you made over your Google plus pages. Add niche related members under your Friends circles to get Direct traffic.

For me Google plus is more intersting then other social networking site. so i like to share my post here the nay other social networking site.

I agree omalchemical, although I quite like Twitter as well.

I forsee that G+ will eventually take over Facebook as the number one social media platform online by the end of the year. With all of the new stuff that G+ is rolling out like their new keyword tool, they've made a lot of drastic changes this year.

Heck, it only took them 5 months to be #2..it shouldn't take them too long to overtake Facebook

Many people know that I dislike Facebook: it's slow, it often doesn't work, there is no Support to speak of, and I STILL don't fully understand how it works.

But Google Plus was seamless and easy to understand. Setting up Google Author was a challenge to get to work, but getting it to work let me write a great article explaining in detail, 'How I Got Google Author to Work for Me'. I think lots of people struggle with doing that, and it is one of my most popular articles.

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