I want to share a rather what could be interesting discovery while on assignment. While monitoring various information of the following countries, a somewhat what could be cryptic message was revealed:

Jerusalem, Egypt, Syria, United States. What do you get out of this, what could be, cryptic message (highlighted letters)?



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I pitty you
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Norway, Oman, Nigeria, Sweden, Estonia, Netherlands, Singapore, Ecuador.

or how about

Bosnia, Uruguay, Lebanon, Libya, Scotland, Honduras, Italy, Thailand.

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You nailed it Jim! :)

Daniel1977 - if you want to start a religious discussion don't be stupid about it. If you want to start a relifious discussion you had better be ready with some intelligence and some interesting ideas. Jesus saves, Moses invests is pretty old hat. Do you have any interesting comments on the Eusebius controversies? Keep in mind that Gibbom was not quoting from the original Eusebius Histories but quoting from someone who had 'mistranslated' (I use the scare quotes because most authorities that it was an actual lie and not a translation error).

Also make sure that you are discussing Eusebius of Caesarea not Eusebius of Nicomedia as the former was the actual historian in Constantine's employ and the latter was the one who babtized Constantine.

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