I have found a good template about PM system.


But here is the question, is there any way to modify it to be able to send to multiple people?


Message 1 is subject to send to a group of people.
Message 2 is send to an individual member.

This template is working only if you are sending to one person only.

I am thinking to add a while loop around line 44 on new_pm.php and so it will keep sending until no recipient left on the field. any suggestion?

To member 1, member 2, member 3
it will send the message to them individually.


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any suggestion?

Just use explode() on the member field to generate an array, so you can use foreach().

Good one! will try that! Didnt remember I can use explode()!

wait...but then it will come to a problem...if I am going to send a group messages to like 20 people than I will have 20 new messages on my message box...

on this template it works like

member A sending member B a message
this message will get an unique ID (let say ID203) and these 2 members' ID(or name?)

member A sending member C a message (let say ID207)

and so on member A's message list will show all his message
(ID203 and ID207)

If he sent a group messages to 20 people (via the method we talking about) than it will be something like


Which also mean that his message box will show 20 exact same message except the recipient is different.

This is only from what my understanding what if I use explode and foreach in this case...

Anyway I am modifying it and will give the result later on.

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