Hi .. just signed up because I have a computer problem and, after having a trawl through DaniWeb, this looks like the place to get some help; I will find the correct forum to post my problem, but for now: -

I am Dan
I love diving, photography, cooking and eating good food, walking, playing drums (it's great therapy!!), travel, interesting new places, interesting people (most people are interesting, even if only for a limited period!:cheesy: ) ..and such stuff?
I am 38 .. actual .. and @ 18 .. mental (well I am a guy!!:) )
I work in travel, so regularly get to go to some great places and get paid to do it!!
I live in Surrey, UK
I play around with my computer quite a bit; photoshop, myspace, music ..etc, but although I can undestand the basics, the technical stuff tends to go over my head a bit.

Well that's me .. now, to get this [EMAIL="bl@@dy"]bl@@dy[/EMAIL] virus of my laptop!!:!:

Welcome to Daniwb :)

Did ya say diving...damn, lucky bastard :mad:

Hope you'll stay a bit at Daniweb.