hi all.....
i need help and quickly plz about my final year graduation project in the faculty of computer science......i need to collect alot of suggestions and ideas about the project....... i hope it to be about mobile or/and web apps........plz reply me as quick as any one could.....

thanks all

Search the forum or the web for ideas -- there are zilliards of people who ask this question.

why not try ebankin or some form of tracking using cellphone technology

How many freakin' forums are you spamming with the same lame post?!?! Once is enough, you don't need po make 10 posts all over the place!

Um, the last post in this thread was July 6.

Um, the last post in this thread was July 6.

Maybe so, and when I saw answers to two of the posts last night I looked at all his posts and saw 7 of the same thing. Sorry, I didn't look at the dates.

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