So my favorite fruit is oranges. I once ate 91 orange slices at lunch at school. I have a 30 minute lunch and the cafeteria cuts the oranges into quarters. 4 slices= 1 orange. Yum. I had the whole cafeteria surrounding my table videoing me taking pictures and everything. At the end i had 4 tray full of orange slices. Tis year i am going to beat that record.

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Peaches. And the best one I ever ate was in the Okanogan Valley at the very end of the season when I ate one off the tree. I've never had one since that comes close to being as sweet or as juicy.


tomatoes. I love peppers, courgettes (zucchini) and aubergines (eggplant) too. So ratatouille. ;)

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Durian - this is my love/hate fruit. It is not explainable what it is like; eating it from the shell is like eating pudding as long as you do not breath through your nose. Seriously, when eating durian plug your nose. It is banned in most cities and towns in Asia so you will see crowds of people (mostly men) at the city limits waiting for the durian truck. The durian fruit comes from a tree very much like palm trees but even taller; in order for the seeds to be spread it needs an animal that can carry a 4-10 pound seed so it evolved to attract tigers (the only animal big and strong enough to carry it) but how does it attract the tiger - it smells like rotting flesh! This is why you can't breath through your nose when you eat it and why most cities and towns ban it. It stinks - we wrapped one in 5 plastic bags (one inside the then next) and it sill stank. We buried it and it still stank so we took it about 20 miles north and dumped it in the woods. We were on the porch eating it (very carefully) when my boss showed up for the party, he tried a bite got a whiff and I swear he spit that about 40 yards across the road and onto a neighbor's yard. The party was themed with one of the themes was the strangest fruit - guess what fruit won.


AD - thank you for that video - always eat a durian out in the open, near a bucket and never,never inhale anywhere near one.


I love links like that, they lead on to so many others. I wasted a whole hour looking at LA Beast and his silly exploits with Ghost chillies. Hah.


You ain't seen "weird" yet :)

Aw gawd, you've done it now. I'll never get that vision of the pink bell-bottomed pyjamas and the hungry ferret out of my head.

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