Los Angeles’ full name is “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula”.

The integral from -infinity to infinity of e^(-x^2) is sqrt(pi).

"Heads, she wins! Tails, you lose!"

¿umop apisdn upside down?

This is only the 4th time Costa Rica has qualified for the Wolrd Cup and the second time they have made it to the top 16.

McDonalds has sold so many hamburgers that if you lined them up side by side you could go around the world 52 times. Then with what's left stack them up to the moon and back.

Wife and handcuffs are practically the same word in spanish (this made my spanish teacher laugh today).

When a dentist says 'your tooth may be a little sore tomorrow' after root canal work what they really mean is 'your face will feel like it is falling off, muhahahaha'.

Just saying... :(

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This may have already been posted but meh! I heard this on the radio a couple years back,

In York, excluding Sundays, it is perfectly legal to shoot a
Scotsman with a bow and arrow.

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Now I realize this could be bullshit but it probably isn't, there are many whacked laws out there.

Now I realize this could be bullshit but it probably isn't, there are many whacked laws out there.

Most of the whacky laws are not applicable anymore because most legal systems have clauses saying that if a newer law contradicts an old law that old law is considered defunct without wasting the legistlatures time to repeal it. So later laws prohibiting murder & the death penalty would eliminate that old whacky law.

When a dentist says 'your tooth may be a little sore tomorrow' after root canal work what they really mean is 'your face will feel like it is falling off, muhahahaha'.

OTOH the reason dentists and doctors always underestimate how much something will hurt (all the times they say "this won't hurt a bit" when they know damn well it will hurt) is because of the Nocebo effect, the opposite of the placebo effect where a patient develops real symptoms/side-effects after exposure to completely benign things because they are expecting to.

There is a law that says its legal to shoot a Welsh person with a bow and arrow inside city walls after midnight.

Also In Liverpool it is illegal for a woman to be topless in public except as a clerk in a tropical fish store...

I work in liverpool... all of a sudden I feel the urge to buy a gold fish on my dinner hour :s

A true Klingon Warrior uses only machine code,
keyed in on the front panel switches in raw binary.

On June 4, 1996 an unmanned Ariane-5 rocket was launched carrying four climate-study satellites developed by 500 scientists working for a decade at a cost of half a billion dollars. Thirty-seven seconds later the rocket veered off course and began to disintigrate. The ground crew triggered the self destruct system to protect people on the ground. The cause of the failure was due to software (the computer was unable to convert a 64 bit floating point value to a 16 bit signed integer), and human error (the old software from the Ariane-4 was loaded into the Ariane-5).

In 1926 Robert Goddard suggested the idea of sending a rocket to the moon. For this he was ridiculed by the New York Times. Obviously a rocket could not get to the moon because in space there is nothing for the rocket to "push against". They did not print a retraction until Apollo 11 was en route to the moon.

Faulty equipment causes nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl
Money lost in 1986: $358 billion in clean-up and the value of lost farmland
Inflation adjusted price: $720 billion
In 1986, four reactors went out of control during a test which led to an explosion and fire. The fire destroyed the reactor building in its entirety. The explosion also released an unsafe amount of radiation into the air.

The explosion caused the immediate death of two plant employees and then in the months following, 28 firefighters and clean-up workers died because of exposure to the radiation.

I copied this directly from Business Insider.

But nobody really knows how many people have/will die as a result of Chernobyl. Estimates range from 4,000-500,000 mainly because it is impossible to untangle the direct effects of radiation exposure from the social, economic and psychological effects of forced migration, economic depression and stigma associated with radiation which are known to negatively affect health outcomes. But so far aside from an increase in thyroid cancer (which is very treatable, 99% survival rate) no health effects have been reliably observed.

When you are a kid, all teachers are like Einstein :)

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Actually if you read the post the 114-116 is probably and underestimate for College/Uni teachers because a large portion of them score the highest possible score (equivalent to IQ 127.8) so may well be substantially higher than that.

I was actually surprised the rest of them were above 100 (average), but I guess you usually need a higher education degree/diploma to be a school teacher which will filter out the lowest IQ individuals.

Let's face it being a school teacher in the USA isn't the most attractive job (not well paid, not well respected, little independence, etc..) so I expect the most talented to take other jobs. Whereas Uni/Collge teachers are often independent researchers (or are hoping to become one) with PhD, freedom to study whatever they can get grants to study and paid a comfortable salary with good job security.

PS I'm quite concerned by some of the racist remarks in the comments about the black-white IQ difference, there are tons of confounding variables which explain why this exists which does not include biological differences (including the fact that many IQ tests/metrics are designed & marked by whites so subconscious cultural biases creep in to them).

PPS OMG it is a racist & sexist blog since it references La Griffe du Lion which I've now discovered is another racist & sexist blogger. (WTF is up with that ridiculous name anyway, should be the first tip off that it is baloney that the author isn't willing to put their real name on it).

Whereas Uni/Collge teachers are often independent researchers

Unfortunately there is a growing number of university professors who are making below poverty level wages and MOOCs are not helping. More and more of the university budget is going to administration rather than teaching staff.

@Reverend Jim

I completely agree. Right now the system only works because the 'sessionals' (low paid contract University teaching staff) believe that doing that work will improve their chances of getting one of the nice full-time tenured research+teaching professorial positions. But that belief is becoming more and more untrue (and more and more young aspiring academics are being advised not to take sessional positions) at some point the good people will stop being willing to take the sessional positions. Then University will really just be high-high-school.

@vegaseat, I always thought java is the best for teaching people to learn how to code...

I think java is too complex a language to be used for teaching programming. Too much time is spent on learning the language rather than learning the concepts. Once you understand programming then you can move on to java, c, etc. My first guitar teacher said that it is important to get the student playing something as soon as possible. If he started all his students with 6 weeks of music theory most students would quit before getting to the fun stuff. I think that by getting people programming things quickly they learn that programming can be fun.

The only underground nuclear waste storage facility in the US was shut down in February 2014 when the isolation technology failed. Since then the site in New Mexico has been releasing potentially lethal levels of Plutonium, Americium and other radioactive elements into the environment. The site, designed to safely store waste for 10,000 years lasted barely 15 years before failing.

Ugh I didn't realize anyone had actually tried one of those underground nuclear waste storage facilities. They always seemed doomed to failure to me, most places with no known faults just haven't been studied closely enough so the small/rarely active faults are missed, and it only takes one to create a leak.

Luckily some people are doing research on how to separate the useful isotopes from the waste and how to use it as fuel for a different type of nuclear powerplant.

A new study shows that if you are a Republican, as your level of income increases, the likelihood you will dismiss the dangers associated with climate change also increases, however, if you are a Democrat or Independent there is little or no change in your views on climate change as your level of income changes.

The majority of US presidents have been Republicans.

It's actually pretty even -- 18 Republicans and 15 Demoncrats.

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How does total time served work out? more or less skewed?