I suppose I did what most of the people here did : looking for a good idea on the web and stepping into a community of nice people, which deserves a bit of my attention, and perhaps more...
I live in France, where I was employed by an American computer manufacturer now defunct, long ago known by the letters DEC, and slowly vanishing in the mists of time...
A few years ago, I wrote a web page about myself (an exercise I have only little taste for):
http://mullerhe.perso.sfr.fr/perso/helmut.html (Anybody here who speaks a bit of French ?)
Looking me up on Facebook or Twitter would be a waste of time (I strongly disapprove of what these guys do), you could possibly try LinkedIn.
My pseudo: ponedelnik, I used to be a fan of Ray Bradbury.

Hello and Welcome to DaniWeb!

I do not speak French, but I beleive that some of the other regular members here do... enjoy your stay.

Welcome! Based on your web page, your a pretty intelligent fellow!

Welcome to DaniWeb :)

Bonjour monsieur "lundi", bienvenu à DaniWeb!
Just to let you know that me and many others here can understand French.
But it is in fact against the rules to communicate here in other languages than English. It is a good rule. Consider the mess that would happen if this great community began to speek all in his own tongue!

ddanbe: good point ! It's just that entering here you're asked to provide a bio. I did it once, and I'm afraid I'm too lazy to repeat myself. Note that I did not post here a text in French, just a link you could well ignore, but I hope that once in a while you visit non-English pages, don't you ?

I hope that once in a while you visit non-English pages, don't you ?

Only with translation unless it's a language I can reasonably read. ;)