Dropping in to say hello. Seems to be a whole lot I need to learn dealing with web pages.
HTML not much of a problem but getting into the CSS is messing with me a bit.

Things have progressed so much through the years but... the PHP part of things is
coming along ok for me. I worked the harbek.com domain back when I owned it but
things went downhill after lay off here and there.

Programming has been a part of me since getting into BASIC in 1983 so now I'm out
to learn even more with HTML, Java, CSS, and PHP in hope of locating a full time
position doing what I love and Enjoy - programming.

Finally brought a visual to a program I made from 1999 on into 2003 and put it up
on youtube so others can see where my programming is at. I will appreciate anyone
having time to view the video and provide me helpful critique in where I should take
things from this point. Massive web pages in minutes - Click Here

I'll be pouring over all the information I can locate here and doing what I can to pull
it all together to grab and open a new domain for some online business - in time.

Lot to learn so will be here and there.

Yes, a bit new.. was going to add the vid title here then found the edit button.

I only want to say hello