Anybody know how to insert marquee or scrolling text message in statusbar panels using Visual Basic 6. I want to put scrolling message in my status bar anybody could help me plz.

Thank you in advance.

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use a timer to move your text.

put this inside your timer event.

label1.left=label1.left + 1

if label1.left = (*to where you want the marquee to be e.g. 500) then

label1.left=(*label1.left before you start for example 5)

end if

just set your timer1.enabled=1,ok?

Marquee is used in webpages . to et the same effect create a gif image with the Marquee text and add thet to the status bar in a particular pannel.

the moving text then disappears?
i want the image to move repeatedly.,

Use a timer with interval of 100. Then type this code:

    label1.Left = label1.Left - 100
If label1.Left <= 0 Then
    label1.Left = 16970
        End If

if you want it to move to the left then right, use two timers each with an interval of 100:

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
Label1.Left = Label1.Left - 100
If Label1.Left <= 0 Then
Me.Timer2.Enabled = True
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Timer2_Timer()
Timer1.Enabled = False
Label1.Left = Label1.Left + 100
If Me.Label1.Left > 1260 Then
Timer2.Enabled = False
Timer1.Enabled = True
End If
End Sub

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