I just joined this site, after lurking from a distance.

I came across DaniWeb originally because I was searching for information on PHP and CodeIgniter.

I originally learned AppleSoft BASIC (on my Apple //c) and HTML (later: CSS), but had avoided Java, JavaScript, C-like languages, CGI/Perl, etc.

I had been waiting for the 'next big language' that I could handle learning, so that I wouldn't end up learning lots of arcane ones (I managed to briefly learn 65C02, Apple //c's assembly language).

I never understood databases could be more than an address book.

I was going to study Computer Science when I got to college, but it was too much. I dropped out, and came back to major in the arts (because I knew I didn't want to spend my -whole- life in front of a computer in a dungeon).

I get overwhelmed with walls of code. But I know I'm going to have to get over it. Looking at C-like code (i.e. PHP) kind of shorts my brain out.

So, how did others here get through their internal walls of challenges?

Was there a good resource you learned how to make easier sense of all the functions and such in PHP (or similar languages)?

Thank you for the welcome.

I look forward to engaging with those on this site, and eventually even asking a good question or providing a good response, although it looks like plenty of excellent, knowledgeable, and avid people are already engaged in said work.