So, I signed up to the mailing list. Worst idea ever.
Just spent forever deleting emails.
When DaniWeb says something will happen a lot; they're serious.
300+ emails from DaniWeb. The fun is real.

Still quite funny though. ;D

You should filter them to a different directory of your mailbox.

I prefer foruming on the forums. Email is not for that. I had no idea what the emails were going to be about; I just signed up for it.

I prefer forums, some people prefer the old mailing list approach. DaniWeb offers both options, you chose the wrong one :)

Don't you feel important with all those emails?

I already have enough.
The longest break I ever take is my sleep break.

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I've got the same kind of thing going on my with email, but because I'm not as active as many others, I only get a few dozen a week. Bit too many imo, but I can deal with it.

It's a nice alternative way of accessing the site, particularly if you are in other mailing lists or newsgroups. It's sorta old school ;)

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I wonder if RSS integration would be suitable in this context...
I have an RSS client running right now.

Well, feel free to add our RSS feeds to your RSS client.

However, that's different than the mailing list, which is bidirectional (i.e. designed to let you read threads via email and post to them by replying to the email).

@Dani — I think I'll stick with the forums. ;D