Hey everyone,

I posted recently an issue that was almost resolved but I have a similar question but have different variables.
I'm really new to C and I'm a bit confused.
Like I said on the other post I need to seperate a string using strtok() and store the seperated words on my list.
I have my struct and if someone can help me with the strtok string seperation I would really appreciate it.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

typedef struct dict_word word;
typedef struct node node;
typedef struct double_linked_list DLL;

struct dict_word
    char words[100];
    int years[10];
    char eng_synonyms; // contains the synonyms in english
    char heb_synonyms; // contains the synonyms in a different language (UPPER CASE)

struct node
    word *data;
    node *previous;
    node *next;


struct double_linked_list
    node *head;
    node *last;

See my answer in your other post. Please, do not double post the same question.

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