Ah but if a black hole came along we be dead for sure because its so immense that even a thing at the speed of light cant escape

Depends how big it is. Black holes can vary in size and mass quite a bit, it is just the density (the mass is compressed to a single point) that makes them black holes. A black hole a few feet across likely wouldn't be a problem but one the size of a sun would definitely destroy us all.

AHH dont tell me that that freaks me out

Why does it freak you out? Big black holes are a result of huge stars dying (supernova) and there aren't any near us that are big enough to be a problem. We are far far more likely to destroy ourselves (nuclear war, or through ecological degradation), be nearly wiped out by a plague or be obliterated by an asteroid impact.

Your right Korea got tons of nuclear crap too which threatens the US every time

Your right Korea got tons of nuclear crap too which threatens the US every time

Haha, no they're not the threat (they barely have nukes so probably don't have enough functional weapons nor delivery systems to do much). Biggest risk IMO is Pakistan and India fighting each other. They are both nuclear powers (demostrated in 1998 but thought to have had them since the 1970s or 80s) and not members of the Non-proliferation treaty and there are long term tensions between them (Pakistan developed nukes just because India had them) over border resources (in particular water from rivers) which will become more intense as their populations rise and climate change puts more pressure on those resources. Plus they are less politically & economically stable than 1st world countries although much more stable than many of their neighbours fortunately. (but since no white people are directly involved it gets really poor reporting so I don't know the current state of relations between them).

However, the Islamic State issue could also become a risk if it gets big enough to spill over into Pakistan or India or Turkey or Israel (the latter 2 have nukes provided by the USA). Should any of the weapons storage sites be captured by IS (or other militant groups) there could be significant danger. It is just fortunate that the -stan's returned their nukes to Russian after the collapse of the USSR or there might be even more of them in the region.

Finally there is always the chance of an accident (a la Dr. Strangelove), John Oliver did an interesting bit about how we've already come closer to this happening than anyone would like to believe.

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A nuclear exchange would make life pretty nasty (radiation creates creepy looking mutants with red eyes), but it would not force the Earth to fall into the Sun.

It would take one heck of a force to knock Earth out of orbit. It would have to be a "zillion" times more force to send an even modest black hole into our direction.

who says things are indestructible i think the sun can destroy an indestructible thing