How can I create an uneditable date formatted (00/00/0000) textfield, which allows user to type only numbers

Numbers allowed in the first offset - 0-3
Numbers allowed in the second offset - 0-9
"/" in the third offset should not be deleted
Numbers allowed in the fourth offset - 0,1
Numbers allowed in the fifth offset - 0-9
"/" in the sixth offset should not be deleted
Number allowed in the seventh offset - 2
Number allowed in the eighth offset - 0
Number allowed in the ninth offset - 0
Numbers allowed in the tenth offset - 6-9

textfield MUST not allow the user to delete both zero and slash(/)

Need Urgent help....


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Hi haidabalaji, welcome to DaniWeb.

This isn't really the right place to be asking tech questions, it's just somewhere to introduce yourself to the DaniWeb community.

Explore the forum categories, find the appropriate place and post your question there (with a little more detail of what language or script you need help with) and you'll get a much better response.

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