I have been trying to start a study group for Cisco certifications and networking in general. I have my CCNA, I will be attempting my CCDA soon, and then I will continue onto studying for my CCNP. I currently have 1 other person that wants to get a group started and 2 others that I haven't heard back from yet.

If anyone is near Columbus, Ohio, and wants to join, please let me know. Thanks!

Without experience, certifications don't mean a lot. Higher education sxample: we all know what BS means. MS is just More of the Same. And PhD? More of the Same, just Piled higher and Deeper! In any case, good luck in your career endeavors!

Thanks? Seriously, I have no response for that.

@rubberman, how does your post even apply to this thread when clhamon is merely looking for like-minded people to join a Cisco club.

Also, how does one, in this day and age, get experience without certifications to begin with. Another also, getting one's BS, MS, or PhD is not just fluff-and-stuff that people can easily acquire.

Not that I'm saying that a formal education is the be-all end-all for working but damn, neither is experience.

i was very fortunate that i had over 15 years experience when i was working on my BA and MS degree. I think working on your education and in your field at the same time is definitely more effective than doing either individually.

Good luck with your study group but you shouldnt have to limit yourself to your city. There is enough technology out there where you can collaborate and even connect your labs over the internet without too much difficulty.