hi everyone

i have a simple OS which has its own makefile to built its floppy as output and the the picoc (a tiny c compiler) which also has its own Makefile to built its own executable output file.
now i want to move this picoc to my os which means i should move all the files to my os and built the app inside my os files and make the OS and get one output as floppy which has the picoc included . now i have no idea how to merge these two makefiles together ? (im not good at makefiles at all) .

i appreciate any help on how should i merge the makefiles .

Nobody here to help ?

Let me share an old method I used when I needed to run 2 makes. I created a script like this. CD /project1, make, CD /project1, make, then add more commands if there is a need.

actually im trying to make the output one file . im not trying to write a bash file . merging the results in one .img file is the goal .

Then don't write the bash file yet. Even if it's 2 make files, write down the steps you use to make this one file and share it here so folk can share how they would create a script to automate it.