I just joined the forum, and have perused some of the forum's postings.

I am currently starting a company (in the latter stages prior to formal launch) in the IT support arena, and would really love to get some insights from individuals who manage, or take part in the process for IT support contract expenditure and IT maintenance provider selection. I am specifically seeking those who work for a company/organization in the IT department, as opposed to independent consultants.

I've gotten some feedback from professional friends in the industry, but would appreciate fresh feedback before everything is finalized and launched.

I appreciate this in advance, and look forward to your replies.


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Hi Jeff! This is a long shot, but hopefully you still browse this forum and hopefully will get this post. I hope you do because your business sounds very similar to my boss's business at www.klineitsolutions.com , He's in the process of creating a support forum which will eventually be pretty huge. Not going in to too much details but big things are on the way. If you are still around check out our site and the website gallery and see what all we do. Maybe you will want to network with us, if it sounds good send me an email at bcwalker1 AT gmail DOT com because I want to see your stuff.

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