Hey fellas,

some time ago I started trying out Brackets, and guess what? Loved it!

If you don't know, it's an open soude editor made out of html, css and javascript, powered by node JS and chromium and sponsored by Adobe.
A lot of open sources projects coming together to make a beautiful IDE.

And it's made of sutuff we know about, so it's possible to tweak and improve and mess things out.

Anyway, the play was so fun that it turn out to be an SQL Browser Extension.

If you use brackets you should check it out: https://github.com/alemonteiro/brackets-sql-connector

It's only on the beggining, but the possibilities are inumerous =)

And I tell you, it's a beautifull mess coding the extension on the extension IDE and debugging it like it was an browser, I get confused some times yet =x.

Have a good week!

almostbob commented: your project works excellently +0

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Thanks Bob!
But since it's an open source, it's not advertising, it's sharing. And it's not a product, it's a project =)
This is how I see at least ^^

been playing with the project, trying to break it,
and have come to a better determination than advertising is crappy, your product does work, all power to ya

the sharing contains just the right amount of enthusiam, it got me to look and try it

your project works excellently

party on dude

Thanks for testing! =)

But tell me, is it usefull for you? Any suggestions are welcome.

The next thing on my mind to implement is storing db changes(alter/create tables, columns and etc) to help rember all the changes for the next production update.

have been destruction testing, attempting to break it
simulated stupid elephant_stamp_and_star.gif
didn't break
won't allow stupid
testing on a dev server

Lol, you seem surprised that it does work =P

But if you need to find a bug to feel better, it's easy, I know lots of them! lol.
Just browse some tables on the browser panel, execute an alter table (add/drop column) on the editor and then open that table again on the browser, it'll not have updated... yet! =)

I did this way to avoid many queries to the db, but now i'm thinking it was a mistake.

no, but destruction testing is just that,
so many programs fail obviously/stupidly/quickly
one that doesn't, while the developer says they are still working on it
and yet accomplishes what is promised,
is rare and deserves applause

Thanks a lot for the beautiful words bob!

But let me ask, are you getting much 'Max connection attempts reachead'?

I can't figure this out, normally happens when I let it connected for too long without doing nothing or on the next command after an error occours, but not always.
And it seens it's from node, not the databases.
But no error is logged on the domain side... i need to learn more about node i guess.

I have seen that error pop up when you do not explicitly close your mysql connections when you're done.

I started up using connection pool to see if it resolve the problem, otherwise i think i'll have to connect and close it after each query.
Another way would be to use events instead of callbacks, so it could reconnect when disconnected.

On similar note, i was thinking about creating one node domain for each server engine (mysql, pg, mssql..).
I don't know if I just split into multiple domains or if already split the extension in parts, because only with those 3 engines the extension is about 2.2mb, and i want to add at least Oracle as well. So as I user, i'd like to setup only what i need.

What do you guys think?

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