Hello everyone. I was hoping to get some constructive feedback on the direction I can/should go with my degree. I graduated spring 2009 with degrees in MIS and Marketing. I had a few interviews after graduating but, with the economy and probably my lack of specific skill focus, I was unable to find work. I feel that my MIS degree lacks specificity, that is it has given me a large number of low level coding skills, some basic networking knowledge, and some business knowledge. The only thing I feel truly proficient with is SQL.

I am a very quick learner so I was thinking about getting my brain fully wrapped around VB.NET in the next couple days. What other skills would proficiency give me a better chance in the job market? I was thinking about obtaining some certifications, as a means of displaying some of my knowledge to employers. Which certifications should I get? Ones that I have been looking at, that I think I can knock out pretty efficiently, are MCITP (enterprise admin), A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA.

Right now I am basically ignored by employers. What can I do to make myself marketable enough to actually find even a starting point for a career?

Because of my school situation I was unable to do any internships and that essentially killed me because I have zero work experience. I would literally work for free for a few months if it would give me experience enough to get hired for a permanent job. How can I get experience if I can't get hired?

If you could take the time to give me any kind of constructive feedback I'd really appreciate it.

Note: If you are wondering what I have been doing for a year and a half, the answer is I tried law school for a little while and realized I hated it, then started a business with a friend but found the pay wasn't worth the headaches. So now I'm back to what I enjoy.

Buddie! this seams an exact story of mine. Got my MIS last year. Tried a local company for VB.NET job. (before I could figure out what exactly VB.NET was I got fired).
Please some one guide what certifications are required to make a degree worth.

In my experience, have cisco certs like ccna are really your framework and building block to show that you have the basic knowledge they really require, getting microsoft certs are important as well to boost you up and show that you are into continuing ed and self improvement, the kind of thing that companies are reallt looking for. Adding certs is like investing in your future, it can never hurt

I am interested to know how you all have advanced since posting... it has been a while! I'm an MIS student.

MIS degrees are useless. My son has been searching for over a year, and barely gets even an interview. Mostly, applications are ignored. He is working at a minimum wage job unrelated to the field.

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