Have anyone tried using Privatoria VPN provider. Is it worth using ?

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I'm using Opera's builtin VPN. Why pay?

I use Opera's as well for browsing, NordVPN for torrenting, geo-fence avoidance etc

@JamesCherrill & @rproffitt - may i ask why you are using Opera Browser? And not Chrome or Mozzilla

Opera (or at least the Developer edition) includes a VPN - all you have to do it tick one box in the Preferences to turn it on.

@Stefan, since Opera's VPN is drop dead easy, works and free, it's all I need. And again, why pay?

The Opera VPN is actually SurfEasy, and you might want to check out what kind of data SurfEasy logs (it is based in Canada so abides by Canadian privacy regulations, and as a member of the Five Eyes thing this means Canadian law enforcement could demand logs and pass them onto other nation members) before recommending it. Obviously it depends on what you are using a VPN for, if you need true anonymity (journalist protecting sources as one example) then I'd suggest SurfEasy/Opera isn't for you. If you just want an OK service (not the fastest by any means) to provide security when connecting via unsecured WiFi for example, then it sort of, partly, does the job for free. Remember that it's not really a VPN in the technical sense, it's really more of a proxy server (runs as a SurfEasy proxy) so it's only encrypting your web browser traffic and nothing else. Personally, I'd rather pay for something that provides better throughput and has better privacy with regards to logging and, importantly, works whatever I am doing, within a browser client or not. Lastly, there's the small matter that Opera is now owned by a Chinese outfit so you have to factor that into your 'how secure/private is my VPN activity' equation should you be of the conspiracist persuasion :-)

As for Privatoria, like so many VPN services, it's hard to find a truly independant review as the web is littered with affiliate spam disguised as honest reviews. I've never used it, but Secure Thoughts concluded:

up to 5 simultaneous connections
secure encryption
can be configured on any device

totally unresponsive support
difficult to set up
no refunds
little information on products available

Overall Score: 29/100

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It's decent, I'm personally using tunnel bear but I think I will switch.

I have used it. Didn't work for me. I am now using Ivacy and it is woking great for me