This is a long one so plz bear with me:

I am 27 years old. I hold Bsc in biomedical engineering.I worked in the field of laboratory equipments for a while then I decided to learn something more creative rather than procedural and work with visuals rather than control boards/circuits and electric cables.

I joined Taught Masters Degree program in a reputable Information Technology Institute in England. That revolutionized my knowledge, giving me a huge base in most of the IT related tools most important of which are:

C++, OO analysis, JAVA (PROGRAMMING,JSP&SERVLETS),PERL, Data base fundementals,Win XP,Network Fundamentals, Oracle 9i admin fundamentals I&II, Linux system and network administration, Linux network and system programming, x-window programming, HTML,XML,WEB server administration. My thesis topic was related to Open source Software but it had nothing to do with coding.My program focus module was Linux system development hence my thesis topic.

To be honest I am no computer geek, but I thrive on knowledge. Thats y I joined the program. I tend to be hungry for knowledge and curious and that drives me to jump from one interest to another. On the other hand that makes me unfocused.

The following are my ON GOING interests that I wich to apply in any career line:
-Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) -it served me well while presenting my graduation project and my dissertation as it camoflaged my weaknes in technical issues- Thats one of my MOST USEFULL skills.

-Creative writing, I even joined short journalism classes and outshined some professional journalists.

- VISUALS, I like to actually SEE the result of my work, I like to do/create something that is flashy and grabs attention.Something in which i can add a personal touch. I am actually starting to learn Macromedia Flash player and I bought a book on how multimedia works.

Currently I am network administator assistant ,Troubleshoting Windows NT network issues along with everyday desktop support for the users!!

Am I too smart or too stupid? I am so distracted and some professional guidance will be very appreciated. which IT path shall I take that is financially benefecial AND/OR in which i can utilize my skills?


Being a biomedical engineer who is running a software firm now i would suggest to have a look at what you want.
For me software and web designing was a passion
so i started my own firm
one possible solution would be to go for embedded programming which is used in biomedical field.
c/c++ is used there
but if you are into multimedia and animation then maybe 3dmax or something like that
it really depends on where you heart lies

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