Hello friends i want to create a database for Login system. Means i just need to create and connect the database to my python file and taking some data in that database from user. For example like signup login form but in system application.

That's a start. As in, you want to write an app that does something. But you omitted your code and where you were stumped.

Also, https://www.google.com/search?q=Python+Login+System+App finds folk that have done this so it's not as if you have to start from scratch.

I have to ask since I just wonder. Did you use google on your question? I ask because our new hires seem to not know to do this. Is research forbidden where you are?

PS. I didn't downvote you. Some do when folk arrive asking for code. Read how the forum works at

commented: kudos for continous beautiful effort :) +0