Hi folks, I work doing domestic and business repairs networking etc. We are a team of about 3 techies, a web guy and our admin lass any suggestion on an out of the box tool to do stock, book jobs in, allow us to monitor time on jobs etc

Any tips apreciated

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we use Commit CRM. It answers all our computer repair business needs.
check SNIP


I've tried some Helpdesk Software (Service Desk Plus) using the Manage Engine from AdventNet.


But they do a range of different software available, all can be seen through a live demo on the above link, downloaded for 30day free trial, or ran permanently free on a limited basis. I haven't looked at prices, but I think they are based on the number of support staff logins, (ie. 5 in your case, the free versions have 1 login limit, which may be ok for you).

Just found the software to be easy to install / customise, with a nice web based interface. The database is part of the software, rather than SQL, which is nice. The solutions database is particularly nice feature, as are the totally customisable request forms.

Regards, Dave

Hi, thanks for your suggestions...It helps me a lot....

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