I first came here looking for a reason why XP kept giving me the BSOD.

I'm hoping I've finally found the answer, but at any rate, I hope to visit often being into these infernal contraptions.

This forum is huge!

About me:
I hate everything,
I hate everyone,
And I'm just looking to have a good time :cheesy: .

Hope to get to know y'all and learn a bunch.

Well, better go; I'm at work. Take care...


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I hate everything,
I hate everyone,

Perhaps we need to start a misanthropic computing topic, kind of like the BOFH?

But anyway, welcome to DaniWeb. The community that loves you even if you hate us ;)


How wonderful. Maybe I have found a home.

It takes a great person to love someone full of hate. Ah, I'm not so bad really. I like puppies. I also like c++ and php. I suppose I am not prejudice against anyone who likes these things. Anyone else though, must first prove themselves.

What first drew me to this forum was a problem I was having tracking down a bad stick of RAM.

I believe this forum has the largest number of members I've encountered. It will take some time to work my way across.

Thanks for your welcome. I will conduct myself amiably while in search of the "misanthropic computing topic." Everyone needs a worthwhile goal. I will begin now.

Best regards...


Welcome joe... Im sure you dont hate everyone :)
But if you do we will help ya anyway :D


Thanx pctec, happygeek, and Stein;

I appreciate and welcome your welcomes.

I'm getting ready to upgrade/replace some components and am already getting re-activation alerts from M$ Office.

Once I get all the hardware installed I'll go for the whole shebang (re-activating Office and XP).

I have both installation CD's so I'm hoping this won't be a real headache. I didn't get a chance to read everything about it yet, but it looks like the re-activations are no brainers if I'm online. I hope so.

I hope to be "talking" with y'all soon enough--not necessarily only techy, propeller-head stuff.

Catch ya later...


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