Spotify is going public next week with an IPO. Who plans on investing?

Let me share why I won't. Let's start wtih losses. Last year even with 71 million uses, CNBC notes that the company posted a $1.5 billion loss in 2017. And prior years didn't fare much better.

This may be hard to grasp but this cash raise is so those with shares now (company or people) can cash out and the new shareholders are left holding the bag. Not nice is it?

So if you are a Spotify exec, this is great news.

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Or, they could be like Facebook, who had no good advertising revenue prospects, until after they went public, and realized they had to figure something out ASAP, and it worked for them.

Or Twitter, who also went public without any great advertising prospects figured out, and still haven't figured it out.

Fine examples and why I'm not a buyer. If you want to know what I'm buying I'll just share what I bought in the past year. Symbols only then why.

DNP and RCS. Thinking about more ATT (T).

The first two are now monthly dividend paying stocks in the 7 to 10% per year range. ATT is well, still doing well.
DNP is boring with investments (bonds) from "public utility companies engaged in the production, transmission or distribution of electric energy, gas or telephone services."
RCS holds United States debt securities.

Boring stuff. In finances, boring is good.

Boring can be good. But it depends how big of a risk taker you are. In the case of Facebook, if you believed in them enough to buy them when they had no decent forms of revenue or profits, then you probably watched your money sink after the IPO'd and continued to not have any decent forms of revenue or profits, and their stock declined. But once they figured it out, their stock soared, and people who bought in before this was the case, reaped the benefits.

The last IPO I bought was Red Hat. After a huge gain in one day. Sold it. When you do that you never look back.

RHT was one of my first stocks as well, back in the day. Held onto it for a decade plus.

More news on Spotify offering. The offering is not even that. No capital raise and didn't use Goldman Sachs to bring it to the market.

It appears to not even be an IPO. Just shares that were private are now going to start trading on the market.

Good for them.