The Void Forums are a general hangout for friends and family alike. It is up and is powered by the popular forum software, vBulletin.

We do need the the following:

  • 2 moderators
  • Members (:P)
  • 1 forum skin designer
  • 1 forum Maintenance tech.

The link to our site is: link removed by staff

Swearing is allowed here, so if you are under 13, we urge you not to join, nor swear. Please read the rules when you join. :D

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sounds good, should you really be plugging your site here? as im pretty sure dani asked not for people to link to there sites on daniweb.



Ah. Where did it say that? In the rules? If it did, sorry, my eyes skipped it. ;-\


Ah. Where did it say that? If it did, sorry, my eyes skipped it.

Well then- here, have another look:
"Do not spam, advertise, plug your website, or engage in any other type of self promotion."

Full Posting Rules are here; might want to give the whole thing a read. :mrgreen:

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