I found this link, it was useful to me when I tried putting up a message board ->

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Don't know waht your link said, but phpBB has always been a good free message board. Pretty easy to install, too.

I now use vBulletin, and I can honestly say that if you care about your site, and want visitors to enjor extra functionality, then spring for the cost (There are different fees depending on your license). It's well worth it.

InvisionFree also provide a free forum hosting service, based off a simplied version of Invision Power Board 1.3, they are recommended for those looking to not spend a time and still have a customizable online community.

search clicdev for good invision powerboard hosting

Good this thread got into a talk about various free message boards. To answer someone's question (privately asked), the original poster's URL was snipped because it was just a spam link to his own site - his first and only post on DaniWeb. To keep this forum a knowledgable resource, we don't allow self-promotion posts.

i use the best type of forum i think

phpbb is good if modded properly, if you don't have the time or ability to mod a phpbb forum then it's best to stick with VB, although it's not free.

phpBB doesn't compare to vB, but it's an excellent solution for what it costs.

phpBB doesn't compare to vB, but it's an excellent solution for what it costs.

phpBB has a history of hacks and exploits and it is available in opensource. :surprised

But it is still offers quite a lot for nothing :)

punbb.org is good CSS forum available under GNU public license, I hope.

I like smf, free quick and easy to use!

Eh, I'm not such an SMF fan. I had a bad experience with YaBB! SE back in the day.

You could always go for a probroad lol.

Naa, I'll spend my $160 for a vBulletin license! :) phpBB is a close second, and the best if you want something free IMO.

I have some well modded phpBB forums. I find phpBB to be just perfect if you know what to do with it. I have a lot of time on my hands and there are so many mods to be installed. Please don't diss the script if you haven't spent at least some months working with it. .

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