:?: Hi, I'm trying to get help on how to say hello!

I currently have an ebook on this subject called "The Art of Hello" avalible for a low $49.95 . It has 12 easy step by step chapters on all the basics that you will need for saying hello including such areas as politeness, punctuation and formal greetings. If you order withing the next 10 minutes you will also receive a second free ebook titled "Dummies guide to Hello".

To order simply call 1800 Hello or visit www.hello.org

@lasher511: :mrgreen: I want it!!

Yeah that's quite a common problem. Getting past the 'Hell' can be tricky on some computers without Service Pack 3¾. Maybe you try this troubleshooting guide:
1. Reboot Windows
2. Dig in $14.95 somewhere in your backyard.
3. Drink an alcoholic beverage of your choice
4. Repeat steps #1 to #3 until you don't care anymore if Windows boots or not and you forget that you just buried almost 150 bucks in your backyard for no apparent reason
5. At any time prior to an alcoholic poison, grab your keyboard and type anything that looks like "Hello", maybe "HgR4cl$h&frz", (followed by precise informations on where your backyard is) in this forum
6. You might find this link useful to perform step #5
7. Wait for happygeek. As soon cscgal received her 95% share of the backyard treasure, happygeek will send you a warm welcome to confirm the successful execution and receipt of your Hello.

It also might be helpful if you hear music from "Helloween" (http://www.helloween.org/) or if you like the style better, from "Hello Dolly".

Hope that helps and welcome to this nice place...:cheesy:

Whatever you do, don't use:

Yo Dude
Howdy Pardner
'ello 'ello 'ello


How's it hanging.

I find, to be honest, that hello works best.

So, hello.

And welcome to DaniWeb...