I am doing one of my final year assignments; I have done most of the assignment, but am a little confused on some part of the code, as you may be aware I cannot put the code on line due to other students having a look.

I would really appreciate some help, I would be happy to email you my code so you can have a look, if you believe you may be able to assist me then please email me on;


I will be happy to email you my assignment, and be glad to discuss it on DANIWEB.

I understand this is probably not the best way to get the assignment, but I can’t afford if a fellow student has a look at it.


A bit more info on what you are attempting to do, and what the problem is with the code you already have

We can help with problems, and you could even post pseudo-code, or even a description of what the part is that you are working on, and it's problem.

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