Name: Yogi
Sex: Male
Nicknames: Yogs, The Bear
Height: 6 foot
Age: 36
Location: Gloucester (United Kingdom) (Not Massachusettes unfortunately!)
Likes: Windows DOS, 95, 98, ME, PS1 & 2 and PC's (of course!!)
Dislikes: Windows XP (why did they bother?)
I am a self confessed computer geek and think abouot computers 24/7! (Much to the annoyance of my Girlfriend (They take precedent over her of course ;) )) Will tell you more if you want to know more!! (And I am not kicked off this community!) Thank you for reading!!


PS, Its fantastic to see a female administrator! They are way to few and far between. We need more, lots more!!

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I must say, Windows XP was a dumb move. I don't like it either. It's like... I don't know what it's like. It's like suck. I liked 95, 98 was okay, I only have bad experiences with XP, though. I might switch to Linux.

Geek is a good thing. (At least we think so)

So, what kind of music do you listen to? (I'm shooting in the dark, here, so bear with me (no pun intended))


Yes, I agree! Its a real shame that their is'nt a patch to make some of the newer progs work on Windows ME (Paint hop Pro X) for example! Windows XP looks like a child of 4 designed the intrerface)(Perhaps it was Bills daughter??) Anyway, the type of music I like is basically anything!! Except for female opera! I love the 60's 70's, 80's, 90's and the more recent stuff. I listen to calssical to chill out, and used to even compose my own music (on the Amiga.) Thanks for your interest!! What type of music you into?

Sorry Danni, if we are not allowed to carry on here, please let us know!! I am a total newie and male!! One thing at once us!!


Hi Yogi, I started my writing career on the Amiga in the UK funnily enough - had a column in Amiga Shopper, another in Amiga Computing, did features for both as well as JAM (the Just Amiga Monthly 'zine) and even had a couple of Amiga related books published. Great computer, lousy company management...


(belated reply, sorry)

Actually, I love almost everything, too. I go from metal to techno to classic rock, etc. I also play the violin and guitar, so I guess I go off on almost everything. (there are multitudinous exceptions, but let's leave them out of this)

Amiga, though? *scratches the back of his head, smiling awkwardly* I've never heard of it... what is it?


Thanx for the greets al!! AHhhh the Amiga!! It was THE BEST computer of all for its time, (and still better than some computers of today!! )but as HappyGeek, had terrible management!! Nearly all of its chips were custom chips. It had 4096 colours (which for 1989 was amazing!) 4 channel stereo sound (upgradeable to 8 channel with special software.) The chips were all named with real names (Lisa, Paula, Fat Agnus (sometimes mipronounced Angus) and Gary.) It had a "rival" in the Atari ST! There were many battles going on which was better, but the Amige won hands down (IMHo!!) Anyway, sorry, this SHOULD go onto the Commodoer thread!! Wonder if I will get shot if I copy and paste it there!!

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