I'm Carl. I've been a photographer since the late 1950's and a confirmed computer addict since 1992. In addition to getting involved in computer graphics, I've helped run a school computer network, done troubleshooting on PC's while I was at the Post Office, and repaired and given away over 4 dozen computers to schools and poor families. I'm conversant with Apple 6.0 through Tiger, Windows 3.1 through XP Media, and Linux (primarily Red Hat and Mandrake).

I've been reading more since I retired. I read science fiction and fantasy, mysteries, novels, and scientific (paleontology, archaology, life sciences, astronomy, ecology, and on and on).

carlsfrog was my first online name (AOL v2.1 days). A year later I was finally able to get a telnet link to the real internet, and quit AOL. I've been with assorted services since then and gone from 1200 baud to dsl.


Hi Carl, welcome to DaniWeb. Always nice to bump into folk who remember what it was like online before broadband. I recall using a 300 baud modem with an acoustic coupler, for example, and the modem was bigger than a shoebox (about as fast, come to think of it, as well.)