I don't know how it is in your country, but in the good old USA election time is coming up. I will go to the voting place and look at the slate of sh*t, and whomever I vote for will be, you guess what.

Any idea how to change things so one could get a choice at election day?

How about a vote at the bottom of the ballot, saying "I don't like any of the folks listed, please make a new list of people to choose from."

Or be allowed to give out negative votes. Still better than not voting at all, many young people do that!

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A blank vote is the traditional way to oppose all candidates.
Your vote is registered that way but goes to noone. If enough people do it every candidate will feel it in their percentages, showing them they're unpopular.

But the only way to maybe influence who's on the lists of candidates is to join a party and take part in the party congress where the candidates are selected.

Yes, there are elections coming up here as well. And I'm inclined to vote for someone I don't like one bit.
Not because there's noone I would rather vote for but to prevent someone I like even less from getting the majority.
Would that happen we'd face a communist government here, which is worse than the alternative.


Any idea how to change things so one could get a choice at election day?

The traditional approach is to do something about it yourself: get involved in politics, stand as an independent, make a difference...

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