Unlike all the others who mash-up/steal other engines results,these are original.

Not sure how their spider works though...

- Unique results
- Can delete spam
- Voting
- Commenting
- Fast


Results are pretty good!

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I don't like it. The interface is slow and clunky and the results are very literal.

The logo is good but interface and layout is not quite good for me. You need to add content explaining the search engine.:)

Its like I have already read it before in DP forums....

Its really a hard work buddy to Kill Google.

Yes we all realize that :D

I dont think anyone is really.........

I really dont understand this. Why it has so many issues..

The interface is far to cluttered to use efficiently especially when browsing search results.

I had to close the page as soon as my results came back because it was far to much work for my eyes to find anything of real value.

slllllllloooooow as hell.

very good though, i googled Debian LAMP configuration and it was very relevant

I have already read that on other forums....

Google Killer I don't think so....

The search result seems not to be relevant. E. g. I tried to search for "web hosting" and at 2nd place was ask.com.


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