For all programmers please help me I have only for day to submit my final project so please pleas help me. Before i goto my problem. i can introduce my selif.
i am biruk
i live in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa).
i am 20 years old .
i study Statistics in major and miner in Computer Science in Addis Ababa University in degree program and i have a diploma in Computer Science. so that is all for me don't be confuse.
i have an assignment which is giving to me but i have a lot of problems in my code.
The assignment is to work in c++ programming.
1. take a students information. Like accept student id, student name, student age.
2.take student course for each semester (terms). eg.
if a studs have 2 semester. ask him for the first semesters how many course did he take. and also the next semester ask him the same question. and accept all course for all semester . this is do for all of the students .
like if you have 4 students take for all student to enter the semester and all course.
eg .
studen 1
he/she have 2 semester.
for the first semester.
how many course do you have . 2
1. course name course Number Point credit hour

computer programming comp212 87 3
statistcs stata282 73 3.
just like this you accept all other course name, course number ,point and credit hour. for all student .
3.calculte the grades for each students .
i can give you the interval for calculating the grades.
for getting point 80 -100 give grade "A".
>> >> >> 70-79 >> >> "B".
>> >> >> 45-69 >> >> "C".
>> >> >> 30-44 >> >> "D".
>> >> >> 0-29 >> >> "F".
4. calculate gpa ,cgp for all student.
5.output the higest and lowest gpa for the students .
this is the assigment i have only four days from July 8, 2006.
pleas help me if you got the code send me . by e-maile or if you know where i got this code . givem me the web sits .
this is my e-mail can contact us or by this web site you can contact.
if you friend do this also pleas i am in very big problem. i am not joking.

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Nope, I have no remose for people like you, I'm sorry. :-|

If you'd asked, mabe, 2 weeks ago, and with a specific problem, you might recieve help.


So if we did this for you would we get the degree? You really should have listened in all of those (granted, boring) c++ classes.

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