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unsurprising. Most repair shops (certainly the ones that aren't also dealerships) will try to rip you off.
"Finding" all kinds of stuff wrong with the car that urgently needs fixing (at of course inflated prices) when you come in for something cheap but time consuming is but the beginning of their modus operandi.
If there's mandatory checkups on cars like we have here, they can literally hold you hostage and demand you give them money for repairs which often aren't needed.
Shops have been known to take out perfectly good parts and replace them with broken ones, then call the owner saying that this and that is broken and needs replacement.
The original part is then put back in and the owner charged for a new one...
If you don't pay your car is marked as failing the check which means that by law it MUST be scrapped (which the shop of course will also do for you, at a price).


The link worked fine for me.

Same here. And I'm on a Mac! A thought: how much RAM and free HD space do you have in your computer? For videos to play over the internet properly, they're buffered either in the RAM or hard drive, and if the hard drive is getting full, the system will resort to the RAM, and if that's short, you can end up with a either Windows freezing, or worse, a kernel panic.


I wonder if he is using Firefox,i dunno why,but sometimes that browser doesnt "call your player" correctly resulting in all kinds of errors...


I'm using firefox beta 2. Works perfect.

Why do people automatically assume firefox is to blame when something goes wrong?
*edit* I'm probably going to get flamed for saying that.

Most of the time, the best job is done by yourself. I'm never going to Jiffy Lube.


Ok so FF is properly "calling" your WMP then :)

I dunno what happend with our friend there......

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