Today, a very surprising announcement was made by Blizzard Entertainment. Starcraft II, which is the sequel to the very popular 'Starcraft' series, has been announced. This game has been a rumor in a lot of people's minds for a very long time. The original game was developed 9 years ago, and was one of the largest Real Time Strategy (RTS) games around for a long time. In fact, there are still thousands of players on playing Starcraft right now. Today in Korea after the announcement of Starcraft II, they performed a demo of the game, and many of the new features that it entails. The game is still constructed of the same 3 races that made the original Starcraft a hit, however, the new game contains many new units, as the races have 'evolved' since the last time they were seen.

The Protoss are still very power creates of technology, with their ultimate weapon being a 'Mothership', which can initiate a time distortion field, to prevent weapons from hitting it. This Mothership can also create a black hole, anywhere on the map, as long as it has enough energy. Because this unit is so powerful, they have limited the creation of it, and only one can be on the map at any given time. The Protoss also have a few other new units, which specialize in killing each type of enemy. From flying creatures, to ground units.

The Terran have also come back with new and improved units, nothing as strong as a Mothership, but they always had the upper hand in the original game if they were given enough time to make their nuclear weapons. The Terran are still the middle race in terms of both armor and numbers. They can produce larger armies than the Protoss, but each unit is stronger than those of the Zerg.

The Zerg have been evolving too, they can now transform to new and exciting creatures, and produce in rapid numbers. The Zerg forces are a popular choice by many characters due to the minimal amount of resources required to create each unit, and the extremely fast production.

Not only have each of the races been enhanced, but the game overall has taken measures to be one of the most advanced RTS games on the market. They are implementing new technology into the game, which will actually simulate real life laws of nature. If your air craft crashes and hits a ramp, you can actually watch the debris fall down from above, and roll down the ramp. The graphics are really good as well, another game released recently called supreme commander set a new standard in the RTS field, and Starcraft II is meeting and exceeding this standard just like it's predecessor.

Needless to say, I predict this will be one of the best selling games of the year when it is released, and am very excited about this new sequel.

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enjoyed reading this ,thanks

Everyone is excited with it. I enjoyed watching those trailers..with newly added race to game it gives more excitment.


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