Hey all you knowledgeable computer people!

I use my PC more and more these days and know very little about it.
I have dozens of questions from uninstalling programs I don't want to what are all those programmes running in my processes list in task manager?
I don't know where to start looking for these answers but in the meantime......
:cool: I am a self employed 40 yo male and do just about anything that is required of me from diving jobs (scuba) to climbing jobs (telecoms installs etc).
I live in Brunei though am from Scotland.
As far as other stuff goes ...I am a keen jungle runner,
I like gaming, shooting and driving games, I am into amateur dramatics and love a good laugh and a drink.Whisky (am Scottish) being the favourite.I am a semi retired chef so cooking is one of my many skills.
I am Single.
My musical tastes are eclectic though as my stereo in the car is shagged not much is listened to at all at the moment.
I hate spazzy drivers and my PC hanging when on IE.

Hope to chat to some of you soon and bask in the glow of your superior knowledge.


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Hello and welcome to DaniWeb, the first jungle runner I have ever encountered to my knowledge. I have enough trouble running for the bus...

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