Hello everybody,

I was looking for a friendly looking easy to use geeky site.
I run Computer Geek Services a small IT business in rural New Zealand with 5-6 employees. I sometimes need to bounce ideas off other people in the industry and the peer group around here is pretty skimpy.

We do a bit of web work but the core of our business is domestic and business networking and "box bashing" and retail of course. We are just opening a LAN gaming area in our new shop.

Anyway this seems like a nice place and I shall have a look around.

Oh by the way I normally employ one visitor to New Zealand, I put ther person up in a flat and sometimes sort them out a car and they work so if you have some hard core hardware skills and are coming to NZ or fancy coming here and not working in a city area send me a PM.

The big thing I am looking for at the moment is for software to run a business like3 min any suggestions greatly apreciated...


Hi and welcome to a friendly looking, easy to use geeky site. :)

Hi From Hawkes Bay :) bit closer to home!

If looking for a accounting package incl staff (payroll) I would recommend Quicken small office - only do the accounts for a local charity and only on the Personel version. However I had a overview of the Bussiness versions when we were updating packages. I used Quicken for 5 years. It's great. Cheers for Chris.