Although I am fairly knowledgeable about computers, I am not sure how to fix a problem my friend is having with his computer. He has not invested as much time on the internet as I have so he is not familiar with where to go to find help. I am not sure I do either really!?. I have never submitted a post to a forum until now.
Anyway, I had him run HijackThis after exhausting all the other options that I knew of to resolve the problem. I would appreciate any advice you might have to help me. I am not sure which forum I need to go to to post this. I appreciate any assistance you can provide.
My name is Lora/F/31 and I live in Springfield, MO USA. I am relieved to know that there is a place I can go for help and look forward to meeting everyone. I am confident that you know far more than I do about computers. :lol:

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