Hello everyone. I have an AMD system I would like to sell, with the following specifications:

*CPU: AMD Athlon 1.3 GHz (200 MHz FSB).
*Memory: 512 MB (SDRAM, 133 MHz) -> see note.
*Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4200 graphics card (250 MHz GPU clock, 250 MHz memory clock, 64 MB RAM).
*Hard disk: 60 GB (IDE, Excelstore Technology J360).
*CD-RW 52x / 4x internal drive.
*DVD ROM internal drive.
*Floppy 3.5 inch internal drive.
*12 inch CRT monitor.
*Keyboard and optical mouse.

PRICE: £110 (UK pickup only)

Note: The system currently has 256 MB RAM installed. If anyone is interested I will upgrade it to 512 MB and test for stability. Currently the machine works fine except there's no installed OS, due to a little "accident" while installing ReactOS 0.3. I plan to install the Vista RC1 release after upgrading to test it out. Any interest appriciated.


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how much without the monitor?

id pick it up without the monitor for £50 but if thats too little for you thats ok. I could also part exchange for various semi-working systems


Hello. You can have it for £60 and I'll add a 300 K webcam to the mix. Just to clarify; this is with no monitor and 256 MB RAM. It would cost me £50 to upgrade the memory, so I think this price is fair. I'm living in mid - Wales (Powys -> Shropshire border) if you're still interested. Send me a mail if you are. Thanks.


E-mail: steven-tinsley AT rochfest DOT co DOT uk

Where 'AT' = @, 'DOT' = .


sounds good but wales might be a problem ill have to see whether it will be possible for me to get down thier first

ps get a mod to remove your email from that post our you will get spammed

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