Hi - I'm Jane and I'm from the Midlands in England, UK.
I have been 'brought up' on Macs since I worked in a telebusiness company, and though I have used PCs I prefer Macs as they're what I'm used to. I've been 'on the phones' marketing, doing marketing apart from that, operations consultancy for customer contact centres, and project management.

I am now not working through illness, but have ended up using computers in more ways than before, what with writing a charity cookbook and producing my village's newsletter every 3 months, so I've had to learn a lot.

I have also been learning to paint and to design gardens, and hope to take both of those up for a living when I get better. Also mean to learn how to design websites so I can do my own.

I live in the country, in a pretty stone village, with a succession of lodgers who've all been interesting, including Sudanese and now Polish! The cookery has been utterly different for each one!

My hobbies have somewhat changed since illness - I don't sing or dance or cycle anymore, but I love growing things from seed, cooking, painting, reading, writing and also am learning Buddhism and meditation. I'm gradually walking more and more, which is wonderful to be able to watch the seasons and the changing skies here - it's hilly, but low hills so fairly open landscape.
That's it from me.... Jane :.)

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Hi Jane and welcome to DaniWeb!

thanks for the welcome - did you start this group? It's a great service anyway.



Hi Jane,

I am new here as well. I also share in some of your interests and really enjoy the outdoors. Welcome......Justine

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