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Sorry if this post is in the wrong place, but I couldn't find anywhere else to put it. I'm wondering if I should create an iTunes Store account, how ever I'm only making one if it's free. So is there a sign-up price involved or not. I've been told that it's only free if you own an iPod, otherwise you need to pay for the account. Is this true, and if so what is the price in Australian dollars from the Australian Store (as you can see I don't have an iPod but I might get one). I've had a search on Apple Australia's site (in the Support section) for it but nothing came up.


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Sounds highly unlikely. I've NEVER heard of a legitimate online store that requires you to pay for the privilege of doing business there.

Easiest of course is to just try...


The iTunes store is free to create an account, although you need a credit card to complete the registration process. You can also use .Mac or AOL/AIM accounts, although if you've never used them with iTunes, you'll still have to enter in your credit card number.

Hope this helps


I second joeprogrammer; you don't need one to create an account but the ONLY way to pay for your songs on iTunes is by credit card( Visa or Mastercard or Debit ).

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