Hi, I'm new, sorry >.>

anyway, my sister has a problem with her computer. Her computer will not load up past the user sign in screen. She's restarted the computer a few times, with the same result.

I'm not sure if it's a virus or spyware, but her computer's always been slow. If there's any advice for her computer, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you ^^

-signed, The Neko

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Hi, and welcome,

First lets see if you can boot into safe mode. To do this. Read Here.


If you are able to go into safe mode we will go from there. If you are able to it is a possiblity that you are infected...

good luck!


Okay, let me see if she can start it up in safe mode. What do I do from there if she can't?

*Sorry double post, twitchy finger :)*

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