Hello Community,

I just wanted to write and say goodbye. With the coming of parenthood, and some other things beyond my control, I am departing DaniWeb and the Community. I wish you all well.

To the folks whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and growing with, I'd like to thank you for your company. As a Super Moderator here, I've had to work with numerous technical questions and responses, and have also experienced organizational / managerial questions that helped me grow in my personal and professional life.

May you all take care, and keep on reaching for the stars.

Christian KC0ARF

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Christian, I wish you the absolute best of luck for you, for Margie, and for your new little bundle of joy. I was out grabbing dinner when you messaged me earlier, but I'm here to talk and look forward to many more chats into the future.


Good Luck! As a dad myself I can tell you to spend alot of time with your child

.. the time goes by really superfast.. and you can't buy lost time ..

Mine's 16 now and she has a busy teenage schedule ... but manages to call, email, IM or txt me.

Again, Good Luck with the Dad Stuff


You are definitely moving into new territory. Good luck with parenthood and I hope your baby is happy, healthy, and a fan of OOP. :)


Good luck with the family, says the man who has fathered four and doesn't regret a day of it over the 19 years it has been.

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