I am a new member hoping to get better at developing ASP.NET and VB.NET applications. I am migrating from Dreamweaver MX to MS Visual Studio and struggling with the OO way of doing things. I often get hung up on syntax.
In the past I would write all my SQL databases and handle all my business logic with stored procedures. Moving into the N-tiered platform has been a steep learning curve for me. Just getting used to the vocab in .NET is difficult too. Like why do they call it "strongly typed" - I still don't get that! And is it really worth all this work to separate the business logic from the backend? And I am so confused about the difference between using a SQL datasource vs. Object datasource - which is best or more secure? Are you supposed to just use the Object datasource with your DAL (Data Access Layer)? Am I mistaken when I assumed the Object datasource was best because it kept the exact sql dml code hidden?
Ahhh... so many questions - so many deadlines!

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Hi, and welcome to DaniWeb.

This is the introductions forum, which is really just for saying hi and telling us a bit about yourself. not for asking tech support questions.

You should pop over to the ASP.NET and VB.NET forums to get the help you are looking for.

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