Hi there everyone, this being my very first thread I'll introduce myself as a complete web novice but a budding enthusiast. I've recently hosted my first site-davidhallows.com where you can see my illustrations. The site is built with dreamweaver so my programming skills are defunkt.

I would be chuffed if anyone could answer my rudimentary question. I have text within my site that is presented via a rather large gif. When a cursor is dragged over the area the save option bar pops up, hiding some text. When I first uploaded the site this did not happen but I have no idea why! Any help..............

Thanks to everyone


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Hi Davey, great name by the way, welcome to DaniWeb.

You need to ask your question in the appropriate forum so that it is presented to the people most able and willing to answer. This is just a place to say hello, not pose tech questions.

I would suggest you try over in the web design forum.

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